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Prop 56 campaign delivers life-saving victory for California

Despite fierce opposition from Big Tobacco, the voters approved Proposition 56. This historic measure will reduce teen smoking, fund the health care system, and save lives. Californians rejected the tobacco industry's lies and acted to protect the health of our kids.
- Tom Steyer, Yes on 56 - Save Lives California co-chair

The Facts

Protect Kids.

Higher tobacco taxes are proven to reduce youth smoking, yet California's tobacco tax is among the lowest in the nation.

Fight Cancer.

Prop 56 pays for healthcare, cancer treatment, smoking prevention, and research to cure cancer and tobacco-related diseases.

If You Don't Smoke, You Don't Pay.

California taxpayers spend $3.5 billion each year on tobacco-related diseases. Prop 56 works like a user fee, taxing tobacco to help pay these tobacco-related costs.

Nearly every paper in California supports Prop 56

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Sacramento Bee: Californians should vote Yes on 56 for public health

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Chronicle Recommends: Yes on Prop. 56

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What Others Are Saying

Tom Torlakson

California State Superintendent of Instruction

These claims are not only preposterous, they are insulting to those of us committed to the education and well-being of California’s children. We know that increasing tobacco taxes reduces youth smoking. Tobacco companies know this too. That is why they are spending millions to obfuscate the provisions of Prop 56 and mislead voters about its impact on schools. As educators, neighbors, parents and grandparents, we aren’t fooled. Tobacco companies do not care about our children, they want to create a new generation of consumers.

Jim Wunderman

President and CEO of the Bay Area Council

Cigarettes and other tobacco products cost California $18 billion in health problems and lost productivity, not to mention the enormous human and emotional toll from sickness and death that smoking exacts on families, children and workers. Proposition 56 will help protect future generations against smoking, improve health, reduce healthcare costs and increase productivity. It has our full-throated support.

Jeff Allred

President & CEO of the San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership

Californians pay enormous costs that smoking inflicts on our state health, business communities, economy, and taxpayers. Increasing the cost of tobacco is widely recognized as the most effective way to reduce smoking, especially by young people. Reducing smoking saves lives and health costs.

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